Planned Parenthood Opens New Center

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GLENWOOD, Ore. — After almost a year of construction, Planned Parenthood’s new center on Franklin Boulevard is open for business.

The new building allows Planned Parenthood to see 50 percent more patients. It started seeing new patients Tuesday.

The 20,000-square-foot facility boasts 4,000 square feet more than what staff are used to.

This move means Planned Parenthood of Southwest Oregon will have all of its services under one roof, from administration to education programs to health services. Community outreach will now be done in house and patient wait times are expected to be reduced.

Employees are excited about the opportunity.

“I always felt good about coming to work at Planned Parenthood, but now to come here, it’s so uplifting because it’s so bright; it’s so open; it’s sparkling clean; it’s state of the art and it’s really exciting to provide such high quality care to the community and especially for low-income people who can’t maybe afford to go to such a beautiful place normally,” said Dr. Deb Dotters, Medical Director.

This new center replaces Planned Parenthood’s Eugene High Street and Springfield Q Street health centers. The Barger center is staying open.

The building also has several green features, including a stormwater bioswale, which is one of the things that makes the building LEED Certified Silver.

The medical director says she hopes the building is just the beginning of a push to revitalize the Glenwood area.

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