Planning Commission Denies Proposal

CORVALLIS, Ore. — In a 4-3 vote, the Planning Commission denied to recommend a project proposal that would bring in a student developer on the western portion on Harrison Boulevard.

The planning commission deliberated Wednesday evening for almost three hours regarding the Campus Crest property on Witham Hill. The proposal would have extended Circle Boulevard down from Witham Hill Drive to Harrison Boulevard, and would have changed the comprehensive zoning plan to allow a higher density policy on the land. Campus Crest Developers applied to build a 900-person apartment unit with furnished rooms.

The public has been submitting verbal and written testimony to the commission, most of which was in opposition to the plan. In Wednesday’s meeting, Planning Commissioner James Feldmann was at the forefront of debating against the proposal.

“I am concerned about placing this kind of density at the periphery of town,” he said. “Given the lack of opportunity to build near the area and given the fact that the West Corvallis plan does not call to build any neighborhood center in that area.”

The next step is for the Corvallis City Council to make the final vote, which it will tentatively do on Dec. 2.

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