Player Under Investigation in Rhode Is.

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EUGENE, Ore. — One of the University of Oregon men’s basketball players named in the Eugene Police report of an alleged rapeĀ  is also being investigated for rape in a different state.

Brandon Austin transferred from Providence College in Rhode Island after a student claimed he raped her last November.

Austin transferred to the University of Oregon in January about a month after the student reported she was raped by Austin and another teammate.

Both players were suspended an entire season after the college launched its own investigation.

A school spokesperson told our ABC affiliate in Providence the college encouraged the alleged victim to report the incident to police, even driving her to and from the Providence Police Department on March 6th of this year.

According to the Providence Police report, the student says she was assaulted the night of November 2, 2013.

“We like to be on top of situations like this because we can talk to witnesses, complainants, when everything is fresh,” said Maj. David Lapatin, Providence Department.

Austin’s case in Rhode Island is being handled by the attorney general’s office and is still under investigation. No charges have been filed.

A UO spokesman says Coach Dana Altman met with Providence coaches before the transfer to find out as much as possible about Austin, which alleviated any concerns. We called Austin’s attorney, but haven’t heard back.

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