Pleasant Hill $17.995M School Bond

Pleasant Hill ClosurePLEASANT HILL, Ore. — The Pleasant Hill School District is hoping voters will pass a multi-million dollar bond measure Tuesday night. The money would be used to upgrade the school buildings, school security and technology.

Members of the Pleasant Hill School Board say improvements haven’t been made to the districts high school and elementary school in decades, which is why they want this measure to pass.

The 17.995 Million bond would be used to build two new wings and a new gym at the high school. It would also pay for improvements at the elementary school, including building four new classrooms and renovating the library. The rest of the bond money would be used for technology improvements and safety upgrades.

School Board Member Kevin Parrish says he’s confident the Pleasant Hill community will pass this bond measure.

“At the end of the day, like today, I’ll be satisfied that I’ve done everything I can do to make it happen. So if it doesn’t pass, we’ll just back up, probably do some polls and figure out what people didn’t like and try it again in the future,” Parrish said.

He says the school board is hoping to make the schools a better learning environment for everyone.

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