Pleasant Hill Barista Turns 75

PLEASANT HILL, Ore. — Turning 75 years old for some is a milestone. For Charlene Souza, it’s just another day to get to work.

Shortly after retiring, Souza got anxious and started making coffee at Espresso 58 in Pleasant Hill. She’s been at it for 17 years and a birthday wasn’t an excuse to take the day off.

Her secret to a long and happy life?

“A lot of coffee (laughs). Coffee works,” Souza said.

Souza says work keeps her going. It’s a place where she can stay in touch with the community and get lots of good coffee.

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  1. Dan Arbuckle says:

    Nice to see a human interest story about a senior staying active! Very positive, thanks. Need more stories like this. What a sweet lady.


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