Pleasant Hill Celebrates New Building

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PLEASANT HILL, Ore. — Residents in Pleasant Hill celebrated the completion of a long-awaited project Friday–the opening of a new community building.

The building used to be an old woodshop, but thanks to generous donations of money and time, it’s now Pleasant Hill’s very own community center.

When the junior high shut down, many of its buildings were left to collect dust. Some were eventually torn down, but the old woodshop got a second chance on life.

The process began two years ago with an anonymous donation that spurred an outpouring of community support and involvement, including a professional design concept by designBridge–a University of Oregon student organization.

“There is now a nice place where we can bring our families and alumni and come back and gather and celebrate. So I think it’s not only exciting for the people that work in here every day, but it’s also so exciting for the community to come in and see this transformation,” said Sherry Bryson, Pleasant Hill Foundation.

The new space will house three different organizations as well as provide the town with long overdue communal space.

Residents say they’re happy to now have a place to act as the heart of their community.

DesignBridge members say they’re always looking for new projects to take on. So if you’re a local business in need of some design and construction services, click here.

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