Plow Drivers Focus on Trouble Spots

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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s all hands on deck for Eugene Public Works on snowy days like Friday.

Our KEZI 9 News meteorologists are predicting this is the last of the snowfall, which is a good thing for public works crews, providing some much-needed relief. They’ve been working nonstop all day.

“Already you can see we sanded and plowed and you already have build up on it,” said Roy Elias, Eugene Public Works snow plower.

As soon as the slabs of snow were scooped out of the way, a fresh coat of snow would fall.

“I enjoy snow plowing and these types of things. It gets the heart pumping a little bit,” Elias said.

He spent the day working on Eugene’s South Hills. Crews know everyone wants their road cleared, but they have to focus on the trouble spots first.

“Main priorities are intersections. We like to sand the intersections or anywhere where people are going to have congestion. Anywhere where we have inclines declines, bridge decks,” Elias said.

And sometimes working a route takes a little longer than expected. During our ride-along with Elias, we witnessed multiple collisions, spin-outs and drivers that were just stuck.

Elias can’t help everyone, but sometimes will stop to help a troubled traveler. Then he’s back paving a path in his non-stop snow fight. But for Elias, it’s a time to shine.

“A lot of time people don’t get to see what the city does, and then that happens and they’re like, oh wow! Thank you for being here!” Elias said.

The biggest advice when driving in these conditions is to stay home, if you can. If you do drive, slow down and don’t brake abruptly.

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