Eugene Police Arrest 8 at Party

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EUGENE, Ore. — Police arrested eight people Saturday night after they say a party got out of control.

Police initially responded to a noise complaint but ended up writing more than 20 citations and hauling several people to jail.

Residents said they were mistreated by police, but the Eugene Police Department says their actions were justified after several people got physical with officers. Police say that more than 30 people were packed into an apartment on East 18th Avenue.

Residents say they were skeptical to let police in the building because there were minors drinking inside, but police say several people wanted to get out of the apartment, and residents wouldn’t let anyone out.

The Eugene Police Department says this type of behavior is called coercion, and it’s a felony offense.

Apartment residents say that officers broke down the door and started issuing citations. They weren’t happy with how police handled things, but officers say that the party-goers wouldn’t cooperate.

“I wanted to know what was wrong, if it was alcohol related, if it was a noise complaint. They just told me to shut up and stuck my head into the ground,” said apartment resident John Powers.

“There were some folks who were understandably upset with the circumstances. Many of them were intoxicated or appeared to be intoxicated,” said Lt. Doug Mozan, Eugene Police Department.

Officers said that the residents who wouldn’t let party-goers out were in a sense holding those people hostage.

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