Police Arrest Hit-and-Run Suspect

LONDON, Ore. — A man is in the Lane County Jail after Oregon State Police arrested him in connection with a deadly hit-and-run from Wednesday evening.

OSP said the arrest of 31-year-old Jason Manske would not have been possible without the public’s help.

They believe Manske was likely the suspect who killed 18-year-old Bryson Krissie, a Dexter volunteer firefighter and Lane Community College student. Krissie was walking along 30th Avenue Wednesday night when he was hit from behind.

Since then, investigators have been looking to find the driver who fled the scene.

“Some real quick work by our collision reconstructionists narrowed down the approximate year, make, model and color of the type of vehicle we were looking for,” said OSP Lieutenant Gregg Hastings.

Their ability to narrow it down to a 2003 to 2007 dark blue Chevy Silverado was important, but investigators said it was public interest that brought the case this far.

“The public’s help was very key to getting us to this point. There were many tips that came in. The public was actively involved in trying to help us locate that vehicle,” Hastings said.

A visitor in the neighborhood said he had heard about a man in the area needing his car fixed.

“The light was broken and a fender was dented, and you know that was it. He just wanted to get it fixed. He never said what happened or anything. He just asked if someone could work on it,” said visitor Robert Huff.

OSP said ultimately an anonymous tip led to Manske’s arrest. He is now charged with hit-and-run and criminally negligent homicide.

Nearby residents are disappointed that the suspect didn’t take initial responsibility. Now they hope that Krissie’s family will find at least a little bit of peace.

“I’m just glad his family can have closure. If it comes to that, it’s very good that his family can know what happened to him and hopefully find out why,” said resident Kaitlyn Kimber.

“In cases such as this, being able to find the person who we believe is responsible, locating that vehicle, brings a sense of relief to the family,” Hastings said.

Some neighbors in the area were shocked to hear about the arrest, saying the alleged actions were out of character for the suspect.

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