Police Arrest Home Invasion Suspects

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EUGENE, Ore. — Police arrested two Eugene men who allegedly ran from a car crash and were involved in a home invasion.

A manhunt started after a crash happenedĀ at Southwood Lane and Country Club Road. EPD says a motorcycle officer noticed a speeding SUV, and as units moved to pull it over it crashed into another SUV. That’s when the suspects allegedly jumped out and took off running.

Officers say they found a handgun in the SUV driven by the suspects.

“When we got a person into custody, initial indications are that he might be a crime victim though he was not originally cooperative with police, so we are still trying to sort out whether he is a suspect or a victim,” said Lt. Doug Mozan, Eugene Police Department.

That person turned out to be one of the suspects.

Police arrested Peter “Joey” Cuddie, 27, and Zachary Michael Lobue, 29. Officers say the men had just committed a burglary at a home in the Ferry Street Bridge area. Both are charged with burglary, theft, and felony hit and run.


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  1. jason Marks says:

    They will be out of jail tonight anyway, so the story is of no value.

    And of no consequence.

    Threaten a judge or kill the pope, then you will have a problem getting out of jail.

    Otherwise, its non news… (thanks taxpayers)

    Don’t write in George Derr for Circuit court, that would be a HUGE mistake

  2. For Real Citizen says:

    George Derr tried to start out his “career” in Oakridge, treating the locals like we were hillbillies. ‘Course we were already used to that but he was almost entertaining to watch. He made a real arse of himself and then left town. No, it would be best not to vote him into any position higher than dog-catcher.

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