Police Assess a String of Dumpster Fires

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EUGENE, Ore. — Fire crews and Eugene police are trying to track down the suspect who lit eight fires Monday morning. The first suspicious fire started at midnight in the West 11th Alley. About two hours later, calls came in about six dumpsters and trash cans on fire down 7th Alley from Van Buren Street to Charnelton Street. The last fire was on Broadway Alley.

None of the fires did much damage, but investigators are taking the situation very seriously, given how close the flames came to people and property.

Residents in nearby apartments say their torched Sanipac dumpster was brand new, but they feel lucky the flames didn’t make it to the apartment doors.

“Lucky that they didn’t burn my house down because that would have been terrible. And my truck is right here too, that’s a pretty expensive piece of equipment to have go down in flames,” said tenant Kevin Bianculli.

“River Road really took some heavy damage, we’re very lucky it didn’t go further. Let’s just hope that they find who it is and get them taken care of,” said Paul Nichols, Goodyear Tire Store manager.

Eugene police and the fire marshal are investigating all of the fires. They plan to interview a few witnesses and check out possible surveillance footage in the area. They plan to find out who may have set the fires and if they are related to multiple arson incidents from the summer.

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