Police Combating DUIIs Friday Night

EUGENE, Ore. — Local law enforcement agencies are teaming up to combat drinking and driving Friday night.

The Oregon State Police are partnering with the Eugene, Springfield, Junction City Police departments, as well as the Lane County Sheriff’s Office, to patrol Eugene streets.

The concentration of officers will most likely be around a beer festival happening Friday afternoon.

Partnerships like this don’t happen often, but they could become more frequent depending on the results of this.

“If it turns out that it works well, if we’re successful, this is something the area could look forward to seeing on or around special events, like Friday or Saturday nights or during holidays,” said Sgt. Alan Gilbert, Oregon State Police.

Sgt. Gilbert also says he wants to remind anyone who will be drinking to figure out a way home before they begin drinking.


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  1. Postone says:

    This is about money (yes the police departments get some of the money and the courts get some money from what they seize or the citations they write) and catching anyone breaking the law. The problem, the police in their zeal are doing and end run around the law because the courts have said you cannot conduct any other kind of checkpoint; its illegal. So law enforcement call these DUI checkpoints. Sure they get some drunk drivers but they glean far more other offenses than DUI’s and they confiscate money and property in the process!

    It’s amazing to me that law enforcement continues to do as they please unchecked and no one says a word while your rights are steadily being take away. Once they are gone there is no getting them back!

    If you see a so-called DUI checkpoint:

    You do not have to go through a DUI check point. If you see one before you reach it, you can legally turn your car around; if you can do it without breaking any traffic laws. If you get stuck in a DUI check point, you do NOT have to answer any questions about where you’ve been or where you’re going. You do NOT have to answer any questions at all with the exception of those that are related to your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance. When producing the above documents you only need to roll your window down far enough to pass them along to the officer.

    The officer CANNOT cross the plane of your window including alcohol detecting flash lights, or any part of the officers body. If the officer asks you any questions NOT related to the above documents such as where were you coming from or where you are going, you can refuse to answer, just tell the officer I do not feel comfortable answering personal questions. If the officer asks why, or what do you have to hide, just politely repeat the above.

  2. jason marks says:

    The Post above is from an ignorant fool.

    Its NOT about money, that is what the drunks say it is about.

    Its about the people you kill and injure every year.

    your alcohol problem affects more than just yourself.

    But you would never see it that way because you are a selfish idiot.

    hence the post you wrote.

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