Police Continue Search for Missing Woman

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Police in Cottage Grove are continuing their investigation on Birch Avenue, nearly 24 hours after first entering the home of the ex-boyfriend of missing Oregon woman Tammy Borda.

Early Wednesday morning, the Oregon State Police Forensic Unit showed up at the house, and with the Cottage Grove Police Department, investigators entered the home with a warrant in hand.

But while they spent hours taking pictures and searching a car in the driveway, investigators are not releasing any information about what they’re looking for.

We do know this is the home of Tammy Borda’s ex-boyfriend. Borda was last seen on Dec. 2. Although she currently lives in Beaverton, friends say she spent years living in Cottage Grove, which is why a crowd gathered at the crime scene Wednesday afternoon.

“We’re a close-knit community. But when one of our own are hurt, we kind of root together. We try to help the best way we can, and right now her children need love and support,” said Cottage Grove resident Lorene Clark.

“Hopefully, it’s a good outcome instead of a bad outcome, but you just never know until the cards are on the table,” said Cottage Grove Resident William Yager.

Cottage Grove Police sealed all records related to this investigation, so we were unable to obtain a copy of the search warrant.

Our questions to both Cottage Grove Police and Oregon State Police have gone unanswered so far. Both departments say they will not release any information until the investigation is complete.

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  1. Mr.doggie.pdx says:

    Don’t ever think you can fix a broken person. Bad mistake. I knew closely a person by that name in Portland, around 20 yrs ago, don’t know if it’s the same person. Bad news. Rich, neglectful parents, indulgent. Terrible chemical dependence problems. Thieving and prison. Constantly snowed and schmoozed those around him, playing the ritzy, classy card. Very parasitic. Very spoiled, very bizarre,violent temper, unstable, could flip into violent anger without provocation. Rushed me screaming one time while I was chopping food, while I was holding a huge knife. Another time he claimed to have spent all his bill and rent money “on a sweater” and he kept stroking it, begging me to pay the bills. I think he spent it on booze/drugs. I got sick of all the drama, stopped hanging around. THEN, he started calling my friends wanting to schmooze and use them (the really fragile, naive ones).

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