Police Dogs Show off Their Skills

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — They say a dog is a man’s best friend and Saturday Springfield police showed they make a pretty good coworker too. Dogs from throughout the state competed head to head in Springfield’s annual police dog competition.

The dogs competed in five different categories focusing on speed, agility, and the dogs sense of smell. The K-9 teams completed an obstacle course, had to find a man hiding in a wooden box, and ran to apprehend a criminal.

It’s the 18th year the Springfield Police Department held the competition and it drew dogs from not only Springfield, but police dogs from throughout the state.

All four of Springfield’s police dogs competed this year. For officer, this competition is a way for people to see the gentle side of these animals. “Everyone only thinks of a police dog as kind of scary and mean and that’s not the case. They love what they do, they’re having fun. It’s a game to them and the competition’s kind of their Superbowl of games for the dogs.

In between events, a drug detecting dog from Corvallis showed off her skills of detecting narcotics. She’s a shelter dog that the police department adopted and trained.

Kids in the crowd cheered on their favorite dogs throughout the entire competition.

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  1. Dave says:

    Let’s hope the drug sniffing dog didn’t point to hemp and have them call it a “narcotic”. It’s time Oregon ended the hypocrisy and get our police started on teaching our police dogs to ignore hemp just like they’re doing in our neighbor to the north.

    To continue to teach our children that hemp and heroin are in the same class is to perpetuate a lie that even the little kids nowadays know is simply not true. And when they see their oh-so stern-faced parents spreading bald-faced lies about hemp, they quickly learn that mom & pop are in fact lying everytime they say that they will never lie.

    If you can’t tell your kids the truth, either because you don’t know or refuse to acknowledge it, then it’s better that you don’t tell them anything that makes you look like a liar & hypocrite in front of your own kids.

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