Police Hold Crime Prevention Meeting

EUGENE, Ore. — A recent spike in crime forced the Eugene Police Department to hold an informational meeting.

About 65 people packed into Fairfield Elementary Wednesday for the crime prevention meeting.

EPD says over the past several weeks it’s noticed a sharp increase in car and home break-ins and stolen vehicles. The main area of concern seems to be the Barger-Royal area from North Terry to Highway 99.

“Trying to figure out how to prevent is from, people from trying to break in and how we can protect ourselves as residents in the community,” said resident Grant Gording.

“They’re more aware so that more people are watching I think could help… I was just curious how many people would show up and how many people are interested in really doing something about it,” said resident James Hanson.

During the meeting, officers offered tips for people to make themselves harder targets for criminals.

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