Police Investigate Fatal Highway Crash

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The crash that killed a Springfield man on Highway 126 Monday night is still under investigation.

Springfield Police says just after 5 p.m. the driver, 38-year-old Fausto Bahena-Salgado, left the highway just east of the 52nd Street intersection. The car then went sideways and smashed into the guardrail. Officers say the damage was very bad.

“Completely totaled–the whole half of that car was pushed into the other half of the car. So the driver’s side of the vehicle was pushed all the way into the passenger side of the vehicle,” said Officer Mike Massey, Springfield Police Department.

An autopsy will be performed Wednesday, which will hopefully give more indication of what happened.

Springfield Police says it shut down the section the highway for several hours to reconstruct the crash scene.

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