Police Investigate Sexual Assault

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Springfield Police Department is releasing more information on an alleged sexual assault that happened in Gateway Mall on Saturday morning.

Police said the victim has autism, making her a more vulnerable target. Meanwhile, the suspect has served time for prior sexual assaults.

According to court documents, Brexin Schulz was arrested when he was just 16 years old for burglary and rape. But those charges were dropped down to attempted rape, which is why police said he did not serve the minimum sentence for the crime.

He’s also not registered on the online sex offender registry website. “But if you are convicted in a circumstance of a plea deal or something of a lesser offense like attempt it can take you out of the public registration realm in something like that. You still have to register with the state, but it might not be posted on the public site,” said Sgt. David Lewis, Springfield Police Department.

Police said they’re still trying to figure out if he’s attacked other women. In the past Schulz was arrested for domestic violence, assault, and DUI. There were also restraining orders filed against Schulz.


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