Police Investigating Death In Eugene

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EUGENE, Ore. — Police found the body of a 27-year-old man in the backyard of a house on the 1100 block of Woodside Drive.

Officers say the man didn’t live in the house but they won’t release who he is or what they think happened. All the unknowns combined with this Saturday morning’s hectic scene is leaving neighbors unsettled.

They say they woke up to startling sounds.

“First off this morning, I heard a police siren go off,” said Christian Barrientos, who lives two houses down.

“My husband, when I woke up, said that he heard gun shots this morning,” said Alysha Maib, who also lives nearby.

When they looked outside, they saw a chaotic scene.

It sounded pretty close so when I got up, I looked outside the window. I happened to look outside, and I saw about four or five police cruisers out there with the fire truck,” said Barrientos.

Eugene police cars and fire trucks lined the streets, as officers investigated. Police say they initially responded to reports of a fire and gunshots and when they arrived, they found a body in the backyard of the house. Officers started walking around the neighborhood with guns drawn k-9 units scouring the scene.

“It’s scary. It’s frightening. This feels like a safe neighborhood and we’re all neighbors who really look out for each other around the neighborhood. I don’t know. It feels scary,” said Maib.

“It just seemed kind of weird. There were about four or five cop cars. I’ve never seen that in this neighborhood before at once. It was just kind of an eye opener,” said Barrientos.

As neighbors watched out of their windows, wondering what was happening, police went door to door warning neighbors to stay inside and be on high alert.

“Most of us are young families or kind of retired folks in this neighborhood and it generally feels like a very, very safe neighborhood so it’s just very odd,” said Maib.

“It’s a calm neighborhood. When you see five cop cars, you tend to think the worse,” said Barrientos.

No one else was injured, and investigator says there are no outstanding suspects, so residents are no longer being asked to stay inside. The cause of the fire and death are still under investigation.

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  1. just me says:

    What fire? There is no mention of a fire in the article – only fire trucks. Where is the rest of the story?

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