Police Launch “Take Me Home” Program

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The Corvallis Police Department has launched a new program to help caregivers reunite with those they care for if they become separated.

The “Take Me Home Program” is a database of people who might need special assistance, like those who have autism or Alzheimer’s disease. The database includes the person’s demographic, picture and caregiver’s contact information.

If a Corvallis Police officer encounters the person and needs to reunite them with their caregiver, they can look up their information in the database, which can be accessed on their patrol car computers.

The program was developed by SmartCOP, Inc. in Florida. Corvallis police say the system is available to all public service agencies free of charge.

To enroll in the program, call John Smith at 541-766-6924 or email him at John.Smith@corvallisoregon.gov. For more information about the program, call Lt Jon Keefer at 541-766-6924 or email him at Jon.Keefer@corvallisoregon.gov.

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