Police Lawful in Party Bust

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EUGENE, Ore. — A new report from the City of Eugene says police acted within department policy in busting an off-campus party that resulted in 23 arrests.

Those we spoke with say they’re outraged with the results of the initial investigation and that their anger isn’t just about this one incident, but a pattern of poor treatment from the Eugene Police.

Close to 30 people live in the Campbell Club house and they say they take care of each other and they want to set the record straight.

“For me this is more than an issue of my house getting raided, this is like an issue of me seeing you 20 and 19-year old kids getting shoved face-first into the ground by Eugene Police,” said Campbell Club member Lee Andres.

As we reported back in February, Eugene Police say they were responding to a noise complaint and were executing a search warrant. They claim they were within legal department standards, but those at the party say that wasn’t specific enough and their rights were violated.

“Each individual room in our house is an individual residence that needs it’s own search warrant. And so the police’ warrant that night did not give them purview to enter every single room in their house like they did,” said Andres.

Residents say they practically volunteered themselves, approaching police in a calm manner, but police argue they feared for their lives as many resisted arrest, and approached in a mob.

Breanna Senate says she was sick, sleeping upstairs when she heard the police and decided she would greet them at her bedroom door.

“They asked me if I lived here. I said ‘yes, this is my room you’re entering’ They immediately grabbed me, turned me around and handcuffed me as soon as I said I lived here,” said Senate.

Others at the party say this type of treatment is a pattern and stems from a misconception of the Campbell Club.

“There was a lot of disrespect with our household because I feel like they were making the assumption that since it’s covered in art and kind of trashed that it was ok to just destroy and damage the property,” said Campbell Club member Tianna Kelton.

The next step is for the Police Auditor to review all of the information in the investigation. We contacted him Tuesday but he said they’re in the preliminary stages and can’t make any statements at this point.

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  1. Postone says:

    Aggressive behavior is most definitely a pattern with the Eugene Police Department.

    I moved here September 2005 and Eugene PD has been in the news under questionable behavior more and more in the past seven years I’ve been here…

    I don’t know what the answer is, but one of these days the police are going to seriously hurt or even kill someone if they don’t get a handle on some of these officers.

    Although most of the time the District Attorney won’t file against a police officer. After all they all work together. If it isn’t a serious crime (such as pushing around a bunch of students) they (district attorney, Judges, etc…) are more likely to side with the officer rather than do the right thing.

    “I feared for my life” That’s pretty much all “any” police officer in this country has to say to give them license to do just about anything they want to! Who police the police?

    God protect us from ourselves….

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