Police Locate Man Wanted for Sex Abuse

5-27 PURSUITSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A man was taken into custody after leading Springfield Police on a chase Monday night. Police say Charles Lane was wanted in Albany for a sex abuse case involving a juvenile.

Officers were able to track him down in Springfield. They say he was inside a home on the 100 block of 63rd St. They responded just after 11 p.m. Monday but Lane fled onto the roof and into a nearby yard.

Police located him and took him into custody. He faces multiple charges including interfering with police.

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  1. Erin says:

    The facts are that the SPD didn’t have a warrant for his arrest, they wanted to question him. They came, guns drawn, 8 officers deep, with a K9 dog WITHOUT a warrant. Yes he made the wrong choice and ran, but they scared the crap out of everyone in the house, including two young children. And once he was charged by Albany police with MISDEMEANORS, more facts came out such as this is all stemming from Charles making a bad choice to tattoo without a license. This young lady was living with her boyfriend and turned out to be only 17 years old. I totally understand her father being upset, but she should have been living at home if her parents where that concerned. I would be if she was my child, but Charles did not touch that girl sexually in any way. They were never alone while the tattoo was being done and it’s sad that his face is now being plastered all over the news as a sex abuser. I have no sympathy for pedophiles and child abusers, but Charles doesn’t fall into either one of those categories. He admits to the tattooing, which believe it or not is the more serious of the misdemeanors he has been charged with, and he is willing to take his punishment for that; but if justice prevails, there is NO WAY he will be stuck with a sex crime.

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