Police Look for Seat Belt Violations

SEAT BELTEUGENE, Ore. — Drivers, get ready to buckle up if you don’t already do so.

Starting Monday, Feb. 10, local law enforcement agencies will be out in full force looking for drivers not wearing seat belts.

It’s part of the statewide traffic safety campaign called Three Flags. It aims to raise awareness of laws regarding the three most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crash injuries. They are: seat belt use, speed and impaired drivers.

According to ODOT, people who don’t buckle up are twice as likely as belted occupants to die in an accident.

The minimum fine for failing to use a seat belt in Oregon is $110. The campaign runs through Feb. 23.


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  1. melissa Hunter says:

    A MUCH better use of police time is hunting down & arresting sexual predators in this state.
    The jail roster for these guys is a mile long, but these are just the small handful that actually get caught, tried, AND convicted…

  2. 8ball says:

    We really need to look at this a different way.
    1) What does it cost to pay an officer to look for and then go through the exercise of citing people for seat belt violations. Is it 100 dollars? Is it ten dollars, this matters.
    2) When a law officer is sitting in his vehicle monitoring the speeds of the public how much does that cost is it 200 dollar per citation average? Say for a 200 dollar citation.
    3) Lastly and the point that I and most other citizens are concerned with Shouldn’t we be paying law enforcement to focus on protecting us, our children and our property?

    There are many computerized camera systems all over the world that can cite people automatically for traffic violations. There is no computerized system that can protect our children or property like a police officer. Also these computerized camera systems are a lot less than a police officer.

    For those of you that are police officers I thank you for your service commitment and sacrifice. However I urge you to consider that in this day and age to beware of providing services that can be acquired by a community for a lot less, that are more reliable and can automatically ticket people for traffic infractions.

    Any leader of law enforcement that focuses his team on doing things that can be done better and cheaper with machines should explain why to the people they serve.

  3. 8ball says:

    I grew up in Oregon but, have been fortunate to live in another state for the past ten years. It amazed me the first time I took my children to school on the streets up to a half mile away from the school police monitoring the children walking to school. As a tax payer at that time in that state it made me feel real good about my local law enforcement. I lived in a city with over 6 million people yet in that state law enforcement knew the most important thing to the citizens it protected were their children. Here in lane county how may police do you see protecting your children on the way to or from school?
    I have many more examples of how we as citizens that pay our taxes should demand a change in the focus of our police departments and a change in their behavior, and when I say behavior I mean at a leadership level. It is our duty as citizens to ensure that our government leadership and law enforcement focus on our welfare and protection.

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