Police Looking for Heirloom Diary Owner

EUGENE, Ore. — Police are looking for the owner of an heirloom diary that was found last month.

They found the 1960s diary while arrested someone for breaking into vehicle in a parking garage on 7th Avenue and Willamette Street.

According to records, police say the diary’s apparent owner died in 1972. They’re still trying to figure out if the diary was coincidentally found there or if it was stolen by the suspect that was caught that afternoon.

If you recognize the diary or have information about its owner is asked to contact Eugene police at 541-682-2814.

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  1. R Riebe says:

    So EPD knows the name of the owner, but won’t share it, and is hoping someone will recognize by sight alone a 40-year-old diary that isn’t theirs? Good luck with that.

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