Police Prep for Eugene Marathon

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EUGENE, Ore. — In response to Monday’s tragic bombings, Eugene Marathon event organizers were scheduled to meet with the Eugene Police Department and all other involved parties Tuesday.

Eugene police officers say they obviously cannot reveal their plans of protection, but they want the public to know they’re working to make sure everyone is safe and feels that way come race day.

Confusion and panic filled the air as multiple bombs went off in the middle of the Boston Marathon. And while it happened more than three thousand miles away, the impact was felt close to home.

In less than two weeks, the city of Eugene will host its seventh annual marathon. Last year, thousands flooded the university campus and streets. But in light of Monday’s tragedy, folks wonder if we’re ready for something like this.

“What this incident, tragedy, has done is for us as a community and a police force is heighten our sense of awareness. So our officers are going to be extra vigilant,” said Lt. Sam Kamkar, Eugene Police Department.

If anything like that were to happen here, EPD says it will be all hands on deck.

“I’m confident that police officers and deputy sheriffs from across the county even all the way up to Portland will be there to help us out with an event like that,” Kamkar said.

And they say the public can help too.

“There’s a natural tendency for people to rush in help out the injured, and what we saw was there were secondary devices out there, and we want to make sure people don’t fall into that trap…If something were to detonate, pull back. Think of your own safety first,” Kamkar said.

Officers say using this experience to work together is the best way to get through this.

“We’re going to continue to train mentally, physically, be prepared, so that we can do the best job we can if and when something like that were to happen to our community,” Kamkar said.

As of yet, EPD says it doesn’t have any reason to indicate that something like this could happen here. But officers are asking the public also help out by just keeping their own eyes and ears open to anything suspicious.

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