Police Reaction to Autzen Crowd

EUGENE, Ore. — Duck fans are still talking about the teams 63-point win over Nichols in the first game Saturday, a game Eugene police said filled Autzen Stadium.

Police said this year’s crowd didn’t get too crazy. The number of calls regarding citations and escorting people out of the stadium was average compared to what they typically see every year.

However, there were two things Sgt. Jim Ball said were different.

One is that UO police helped EPD by providing an extra dispatcher so lines weren’t backed up. The second was the amount of medical calls they received.

“Medical calls were way up. I think it was heat related. People were not paying attention to consuming enough beverages of the correct thing. You know, h2o, and i think that affected them,” said Sgt. Ball.

With all the medical calls, Eugene police said having that second dispatcher was a big help.

Police and Duck fans said the crowd was under control on Saturday but they expect things to get rowdier once students come back and other PAC-12 teams and their fans come to Autzen to play against the Ducks.

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