Police Ready for New Year’s Eve Patrols

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EUGENE, Ore. — Law enforcement officials say New Year’s Eve is a busy time for them, so the Oregon State Police say they’re making sure they’ll have a presence Tuesday night.

OSP says last year nearly 40 percent of DUII arrests happened on January 1st.

But officers won’t just be on the lookout for drunk drivers.

“What we’re going to be looking for is hazardous violations, obviously the DUII, aggressive driving, high rate of speed, things like that,” said Sergeant Mike Brewster with Oregon State Police.

Springfield and Eugene Police Departments say they’ll also be out in full force Tuesday and Wednesday.

“As far as this year’s operational plan for New Year’s Eve, we’ve added additional DUII targeted patrols. We’ll have a total of five officers that are focusing specifically on DUII in the area,” said Lieutenant Sean McGann with Eugene Police.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says it won’t be as involved in the patrols, but almost every arrest will be brought to the Lane County Jail.

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