Police Respond to Armed Dispute

BISHOP MUGSPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield Police responded to reports of an armed dispute Wednesday evening at 2727 Gateway St. They say Jeremy Bishop became upset over the breakup of a relationship and pointed a shotgun at his ex-girlfriend, her father and a friend who came to help her move out. The victims left and called police from nearby.

Responding officers surrounded the apartment and was taken into custody without incident. A 12 gauge shotgun was recovered at the apartment. Alcohol did not appear to be involved in the case.



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  1. LB says:

    Can you imagine having that guy as your boyfriend? His head alone looks to weigh 50 lbs.

  2. E and J says:

    Jeremy Bishop is sick and needs help! He will abuse you and your kids. Please stay away from him! Check his record he has done this before. The police will often let him go because they feel sorry for him. He will kill someone someday!

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