Police Respond to Royal Avenue Assault

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EUGENE, Ore. — Neighbors are reflecting on what they say sounded like gunfire in the 4200 block of Royal Avenue and Echo Hollow Road.

Police say it was actually an assault stemming from what they say was a drug deal over stereo equipment.

“I was out working on my trailer and I heard one shot. I could tell it was not a fire cracker, I could tell it was a gunshot,” said Eugene resident Larry Day.

On Monday police say two men got in a fight down the street from Larry Day’s house. It sent one man to the hospital with a head wound. This is Day’s 40th year in this house. He worries about his family every day.

“When I go fishing, I make sure that I get a relative up here to stay with my wife I don’t let her stay in the house alone,” Day said.

There’s a reason, too.

“We’ve been out there before off of fights,” said Sgt. Bob McDermed, Eugene Police Spokesman.

Police explained Tuesday that the “shots fired” people heard Monday afternoon wasn’t actually gunfire. Two men got in a fight, then one sped off in a car.

“With the rapid acceleration, it threw rocks and other debris from the gravel driveway into the wood fence behind it and the house behind it, which caused what sounded like gunfire,” Sgt. McDermed said.

The concern to residents is two vacant lots nearby. One neighbor says his fence that backs up to one of the lots was vandalized shortly after it was completed. The other backs up to Day’s house. Day says some neighbors try to protect each other.

“It’s just a lot of strange people walking around that don’t belong in the neighborhood. The neighbors around me, we watch out for each other,” Day said.

He says that’s because even with the help from police, that’s all they can do.

“It’s not a police problem. It’s a people problem,” Day said.

Police say they’re still searching for the suspect who took off in a black Jeep Grand Cherokee.

While police say they have responded to calls in that area before, they won’t say it’s a specific trouble area.

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