Police Search for Man Who Robbed Safeway

1-22 SafewaySPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police need help finding a man they say robbed the Thurston area Safeway at gunpoint.

Officers say a man walked into the Safeway on Main Street a little before 8 p.m. Wednesday. He leveled a gun at an employee and demanded cash.

Police say he ran out, but that’s where the trail ran cold. A K9 search didn’t turn up anything.

“Anytime someone has a gun pointed at them or threatened with someone with a gun, and the gun was observed then there is a lot of fear of course involved in that,” said Springfield Police Sgt. Richard Charboneau.

He says there are robberies in Springfield, including threats with guns but it’s rare to see someone actually display one.

Police described the suspect as a white man in his 30s. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

Call Springfield Police if you have any information.

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