Police Searching for Shooting Suspect

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EUGENE, Ore. — Police are searching for a suspect after reports of an assault in west Eugene Monday afternoon.

Police responded to a call near the corner of Royal Avenue and Echo Hollow Road.

Neighbors say they could hear the screeching of tires as a car sped off.

Police say this block has seen violence before.

“It’s just one of those areas we haven’t been back to. There has been a history here I’m not saying that the people involved today are part of that bad history,” said Sgt. Bob McDermed, Eugene Police spokesman.

The victim was taken to the hospital Monday afternoon with non-life threatening injuries.

Police say witnesses reported seeing a black Jeep Grand Cherokee speed off. If you see the suspect’s car or have any other information in this case, call Eugene police.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Honestly it doesn’t surprise me one bit! I drive by this house everyday and see a lot of partying and have seen police there on a lot of different occasions. I also know they have had their windows busted out. Sounds to me like they are causing a lot of issues from their decisions,

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