Police Stop CannaBus on Highway 126

Near EUGENE, Ore. — A bus on a medical marijuana advocacy tour got stopped and fined south of Eugene Monday.

The driver of the “Green CannaBus” told KEZI 9 News that Coburg Police pulled him over because he didn’t signal a lane change on Highway 126.

Officers searched the bus, confiscated less than an ounce of pot and fined the group.

“They could have made it a bigger deal than what it was, for us to be able to drive away without getting the bus impounded and continue our mission you know, that’s most important,” said marijuana advocate Cash Phlow.

The tour started in L.A., made its way to Montana and is on its way back to Southern California.

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  1. Chris in WI says:

    What part of a lane change warrants a search?

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