Police Urge Drivers to Hide Personal Belongings

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police are reminding citizens to hide personal belongings in their car as they are out and about this summer.

Springfield Police responded to about 90 car break-ins during the month of May.

Officers say car break-ins do not necessarily fluctuate with the nicer weather, but it helps.

Thiefs are always looking for something easy to grab, especially if it is out in plain view, police said.

“They are looking for anything that is valuable in the vehicle that they can either resell or use for drugs,” said Officer Neil Halttunen.

Police say if you leave your car unattended, lock your doors and roll up the windows.

Take your personal items with you such as iPods, phones, GPS systems, credit cards, checks or cash.

Police say you can also purchase a car safe online for about $40.

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