Police Warn of Burglaries near Campus

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police are warning about a rash of home burglaries near the University of Oregon over the weekend.

EPD says the suspects stole items from at least six different homes–everything from a laptop and cell phones to cash and gaming systems.

The department says in some cases the victims were sleeping when the items were stolen from the front living areas, and in most of the homes the doors or windows had been unlocked.

Primarily these burglaries happened between 11th and 18th avenues and Alder to Mill streets.

At this point police have a vague description of the suspects, but it seems to be maybe two males possibly in their 20s. Most of these crimes took place Saturday night.

“In one case the victim described the suspect basically as seeing a shadow, very scary, and another case one of the residents woke up and saw someone walking out with their television,” said Debbie Janecek, EPD Crime Prevention Specialist.

Police says it’s important to keep blinds closed and communicate with your roommates about locking the doors and windows. Or you may think about getting a separate lock on your personal door and making sure your items are not out in the front living room. Also, renters insurance, which is always a plus, will likely cover you if you have items stolen.

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