Police Work To Clean Up Home

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield Police are working to clean up a home after seven arrests made Saturday afternoon.

A patrolling officer spotted and chased down 25-year-old John Gabris, who has felony warrants out for his arrest, to 105 West D Street. Officers were forced to enter the home and arrested Gabris and six other people for a number of charges including hindering prosecution.

Officers are now submitting the home for consideration in the Springfield Nuisance Abatement Program, which could result in its closure.

“[The program] gives us tools in our toolbox to be able to help the community and that neighborhood in particular, because when you have a problem house, it can be miserable for everybody,” said Sgt. Richard Lewis with the Springfield Police Department.

Resident Doug Weiss said, “I always try to adopt a live and let live kind of attitude about things, but there’s obviously a lot of activity that goes on there.”

The home has had 13 incidents of activity in this year alone.

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