Political Parties Gear Up for Elections

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EUGENE, Ore. — President Obama will give his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night.

And while neither the Democratic Party of Lane County nor the Lane County Republican Party have a specific watch party, both parties say they’ve been paying attention to all of the people who took to the platform at the RNC and the DNC.

The Democratic Party is hosting little house watch parties across town. The Democrats of Lane County say they have three goals: registering voters, talking to people about the candidates, and getting out the vote.

The Republicans of Lane County say what really starts now is the phone calling and the door knocking, not only for the Romney-Ryan ticket but also the local candidates.

Both though are paying attention to Obama’s speech Thursday night.

“I think people are interested in hearing his vision for the next four years and for making the case why the American people should re-elect him,” said Julie Fahey, Lane County Democratic Party Chair.

“I think that it is important in that it’s going to give us an idea the direction of the DNC for their own campaigning for the remaining two months,” said Paul Barnett, Lane County Republican Party Assistant Chair.

Both parties agree the conventions invigorate the voters.

You can register online to vote. The deadline to do that is October 16.

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