Polls Show Romney Outperformed Obama

DENVER, Co (CNN)– The early verdicts from Wednesday night’s Presidential debate are rolling in, in favor of Governor Mitt Romney.

The Republican Presidential challenger came out strong in the first showdown between the candidates. A CNN/ORC snap poll shows 67% of a sampling of voters who watched the debate said Romney won versus President Obama’s 25%.

The debate focused on domestic issues and both candidates found plenty to spar over, including the health care reform and the deficit.

The affair was low on drama, and high on energy, particularly from Romney.

The next presidential debate is Oct. 16th in New York and the third takes place at the end of the month in Florida. The Vice-Presidential candidates square off next Thursday in Kentucky.


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  1. Ron says:

    The debate last night was like watching someone club a seal pup for 90 minutes straight!!!

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