Possible Gas Spike Coming

EUGENE, Ore. — A local business told its truck drivers to fill up Wednesday night because it’s worried about a big spike in gas prices overnight.

Some analysts predict prices could jump 35 cents a gallon soon.

One gas station on Green Acres Road is selling gas at $4.39, and it’s $4.43 at the Chevron right next door.

Gas has been sitting at over $4 a gallon for some time.

At the business that told its drivers to fill up, its fleet manager, who we’re keeping anonymous, says he heard the 35-cent spike could happen overnight at the stations his trucks fill up at.

The owner of a station in northeast Eugene says he got notification at noon there was going to be a possible price increase between 15 and 35 cents.

He says the spike seems to be isolated to Oregon and Washington because of a refinery issue.

“It’s sickening what the consumer is having to put up with these prices, and I don’t know how high is high, and that would probably be a record high to my knowledge,” said gas station manager Jeffrey Vogel.

He also says he usually finds out about increases at night, and it’s unusual to hear about it during the day.

He says that’s significant.

That owner went on to say the increases seem never-ending and never going down.

We’ll keep you updated on what that exact increase ends up turning out to be.

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