Post-Christmas Shopping Draws Crowds

EUGENE, Ore. — The National Retail Federation expects to see an increase of about 4 percent in holiday shopping this year.

And while the days leading up to Christmas stand out as big retail days, the day after Santa’s trek around the globe is also attracting crowds.

Some reports say that the days leading up to Christmas were less than stellar, and that is why so many retailers are bringing out the big discounts in hopes of making up the difference with an after-Christmas surge.

By noon on Thursday, it was a sea of cars outside Valley River Center. From that sea, folks were flooding the aisles to get their shopping on.

“Today, I came out with my mom and sister and help them out if they needed a guy perspective on what to return and purchase,” said shopper Chase Jordan.

And while some were there to modify previous purchases, others had a few ulterior motives.

“We’re looking for the after-Christmas specials. We got our gift store things that we like to get for next year, and hopefully remember for next year,” said shopper Debi Brown.

“Today was great sales. In returning three or four items, we ended up getting some money back and ended up getting the exact same items, which is always good,” Jordan said.

And while crowds were cause for jitters for some shoppers, retailers were not complaining.

“For us it’s usually pretty busy, especially the day after Christmas, and that’s basically unwrapping their brand new gadgets, so they come to us to get them protected. So it’s kind of like our Black Friday,” said James Sparkes, Invisible Shield Kiosk Owner.

So, in the end, for many, the frenzy is worth it, especially if you came prepared.

“We came right in and got what we wanted. We always come with a game plan, get our papers out, circle what we need and hit the spots, and they were there,” Brown said.

The holiday shopping season runs through the months of November and December, so there are just a few more days left to take advantage of those bargains.

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    An endless sea of suckers.

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