Post-Christmas Travel Steady at Airport

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EUGENE, Ore. — Airport traffic died down a little, but passenger flow is still steady in Eugene as travelers go to and from Christmas destinations.

The Eugene Airport was about as busy Wednesday as it was Christmas Eve, and luckily only a few delays flashed on the screens, keeping commuters in good spirits.

Many were leaving Eugene heading home after spending Christmas with family here, but there was another wave of holiday travelers just arriving to celebrate with family doing a post-Christmas celebration.

“We live in Hawaii and we’re coming to visit relatives. We have a lot of relatives in the Eugene area and spend a belated holiday after a few days of skiing in Salt Lake,” said Hobie Anderson.

“It’s kind of nice having Christmas over because all that stress and rush and everything else is over with, so now we can kind of relax!” said Lloyd Tilt.

Those just beginning their celebrations say they find the airports are a little less crazy on Dec. 26, but there’s only so much time until travel picks up again for New Year’s. They say it doesn’t matter what day they get here, as long as they get to see family sometime during the holidays.

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