Postal Food Drive Falls Short of Goal

EUGENE, Ore. — Food For Lane County worked into the evening Saturday counting up donations from the postal food drive. In the Eugene-Springfield area, the drive brought it more than 61,000 pounds of food.

That’s less than the food drive brought in last year, when the drive brought in nearly 93,000 pounds of food in the metro area. But, food pantry staff said they are still very thankful for the donations.

“The economy isn’t turning around for the people that we’re serving. We have consistent high need since the recession and so the fact that people recognize that and they’re continuing to support us is something that we’re thankful for,” said Alicia Hines, Food For Lane County worker.

The postal food drive takes place across the country each year, and actually started in Eugene. The food collected in the rural areas of Lane County goes right to the local food banks for those areas.


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  1. ahshucks says:

    Just maybe if the postal people would have picked up what was.left at mail box you would have met your goal. We put out two bag of canned product and it was left by the postman.

  2. iconcur says:

    My bag of super nutritious, super delicious foodstuffs was left alone next to my mailbox.

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