Postal Workers Rally Against Cuts

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Postal workers in Lane County are trying to save the Gateway Post Office Processing Plant and held a rally Saturday.

Postal workers and politicians fear for what might happen to the local economy if the Gateway processing center is shut down.

Dozens of people spoke out Saturday in support of preserving post offices nationwide, especially in Lane County. Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson were there to show support.

Demonstrators noted that closing post offices in Springfield would mean that all the mail sent in Lane County would have to be sorted in Portland, causing delays.

Mayor Piercy wants Congress to support the post office and change some of the postal service’s financial policies.

“Congress is asking something of the postal service they don’t ask any other agency. They pay pensions for the future. That doesn’t  make any sense to me. They would be in the black if they didn’t have that onus on them that no one else has,” said Mayor Piercy.

Many speakers also mentioned that people still rely on the post office to get things like medicine and social security checks on time.

The postal service will continue to provide its six-day-a-week service for now; however, many postal workers worry that downsizing will come in the form of closing post office locations.


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  1. jason marks says:

    BTW the “closing post offices” statement is incorrect.
    The gateway post office is not closing.

  2. Postone says:

    I support the postal carriers completely. They have been bringing me mail and packages for decades. They do a great job, and no one wants to see someone lose their job.

    But I wonder why Mayor Kitty Piercy and Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson doesn’t stand in food lines and support the homeless population? The homeless (many who are children and Veterans who served their country) have NOTHING! While postal employees have a quite a bit in comparison.

    But then who are the homeless, who smell, wear dirty clothes, and many who have mental issues, and just people we would rather not see…

    This is obscene to me….

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