Postal Workers to Stage Sit-In

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The U.S. Postal Service is planning to shut down mail sorting centers around the state, and one of them is in Springfield. On Monday, protesters will rally to try to save it.

Postal workers both employed and retired, activists and elected leaders from all over Western Oregon will stage a rally and sit-in at the Gateway Mail Processing Center. The U.S. Postal Service plans to shut it down in February due to the decline in people using first class mail, a 25 percent drop since 2006.

It already closed the facility in Salem in the middle of 2013, and will close facilities in Bend and Pendleton next year. The closures will eliminate 164 jobs and 68 of them are in Springfield.

“I grew up very poor, lived in this area my whole life and besides finishing my schooling, this is the only job I know that I could have started a family. I have bought a house and it’s not asking to be rich, it’s just asking to live the American dream,” says Braden Pelky, American Postal Workers Union VP.

The Springfield processing center serves customers in Lane, Douglas, Coos and Curry counties. When it closes, customers can expect a two to three day delay in mail delivery because all mail would have to travel up to Portland first for sorting.

That could affect delivery times for things like paychecks, prescription medicines and ballots. The rallies start at 12 p.m. Monday.


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  1. James Mark says:

    that is not either true, what a bunch of reporting lies.

    ?When it closes, customers can expect a two to three day delay in mail delivery because all mail would have to travel up to Portland first for sorting.”

    it is ALREADY being sorted in Portland. Look at the postmark on your letters mailed in eugene. THREE DAYS to drive to Portland, when the Portland truck is already running north and south EVERYDAY.

    Okay, sorry your job is going away, but NO ONE owes anyone a living, especially rate payers.

    KEZI is part of the Postal Employee’s Propaganda machine by posting this faulty news story. Shame on KEZI.

  2. musicman60 says:

    so you can just keep working for a company with all your perks in a company tha losses billions of dollar a year and thats fine with you where were you when the loggers were lossing there jobs in a industry that makes money not keeps lossing it go out and find a real job in the real market

  3. Lucy W says:

    Will P.O. Boxes there be closed? Because I just paid for 6 months.

  4. Sparky63 says:

    I see this same cut back mentality in all types of businesses. Times get tough so they cutback even more on customer service making even more of a downward spiral. What they need to do is make customers want to use them even more. Offer faster service, better tracking, lower cost parcel insurance (for high value items they are way, way higher than FedEx or UPS).

    I used to ship almost all of my parcels using USPS Priority Mail and was very pleased. I could take an order on Saturday afternoon, package it and take it to Gateway before 9pm and it would be in New Jersey out for delivery early Monday am. And all for a very reasonable cost.

  5. jimbo says:

    Times are not tough for those making the decisions, that’s for damn sure!

  6. Char says:

    Where can we write letters to protest the closing of the Spfld sorting center?

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