Potential Fireworks Ban Concerns Church

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EUGENE, Ore. — A local church is ready to speak out about fireworks at a Eugene City Council work session Monday night.

Crossfire Ministries sells fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday.

Their pastor, Aaron Taylor says the church would have to shut down a number of its outreach programs if fireworks were banned.

He says each year the church brings in more than $300,000 from firework sales alone, which helps keep homeless programs, camps for kids and feeding programs afloat.

Monday night’s council discussion is centered around safety, stemming from a fire ignited by fireworks, which destroyed a home on Lakeview Drive this summer.

Pastor Taylor says people just need to be smart when using fireworks.

“Most of the fireworks caused fires or injuries are from illegal fireworks. Period. Now are some? Yes. But there are also people driving cars, and get in accidents and we don’t ban cars,” said Taylor.

Pastor Taylor says this is a matter of taking away too many rights and he and a group of people from the church plan to be at the work session to voice their opinions.



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  1. Stupid Eugene says:

    So now people will just need to drive to Springfield to get their fireworks? Don’t see how this will help prevent fires.

  2. Matt M says:

    Pastor Aaron does far more to help the less fortunate in the Eugene/Springfield than the bureaucrats and know-nothings on the city council could ever dream of doing (and with a MUCH smaller budget)! No wonder they want to shut him down. He’s doing their job for them, and making them look bad.

  3. Jane says:

    This is the same Crossfire Church and minister Aaron Taylor at 4060 West Amazon Drive who desires to receive corporate profits from having AT&T put a 75-foot tall cell tower on the church lawn, right smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood! It is also right across the street from Amazon Creek and nature trails and a city park for which thousands of dollars of our city and federal taxes have been spent to “promote the scenic, aesthetic, and environmental resources.” Cell towers are not healthy for any living thing! It’s bad enough that the church minister and congregation don’t appreciate the sublime natural beauty of the area. For them to seek to profit from desecrating the ambiance of publicly-funded walking trails across the street, an open-space area to which many of the rest of us go to commune with God in silence is quite disturbing to me. Designing the tower to look like a tree doesn’t decrease the negative health effects of its energetic frequencies on birds, bees, and humans. There is an open meeting on Thursday, Jan. 30th at 6:30pm at the church where citizens can tell them that our health and the natural beauty and scenic skyline of our public open space and residential neighborhood is NOT FOR SALE! Also email city planner

  4. Pinky Allen says:

    What about the family that lost their home last year because of neighbors’

    Every year the Emergency Rooms are filled with fireworks injuries.
    It’s especially sad of see the fear that these fireworks cause our

  5. Becca says:

    It frustrates me that Pastor Taylor has certain opinions about fireworks and insists on continuing to sell them. He can believe all he wants about his “profit makers”, but the fact is both legal and illegal fireworks are dangerous. Period! Fire Marshals across this country and the NFPA have the final say on that matter as far as I’m concerned. There is no such thing as a “safe and sane” firework. Period! It’s just shameful that he insists on selling these items and that he believes he is right in doing so. Sure, he now has the “right” to, but the bottom line is that it isn’t right. I have witnessed a house fire caused by LEGAL fireworks just 4 years ago. They were bought at one of Taylor’s stands.

    Shame on Councilor Pohling, also! I can only hope that the other City Councilors see through the mask of “some proceeds from the sale of fireworks help the needy”. There are other ways to raise money! And there are FELLOW NEIGHBORS to consider here! Helping the needy shouldn’t come at the expense of harming others or destroying their property ! Period!

  6. Pinky Allen says:

    It’s very sad to read how much money Rev. Taylor and Crossfire
    International makes with their 7 fireworks outlets…$300,000.
    Now he is trying to get into the cell tower business by trying to put up
    an 8-story cell tower at 4060 W. Amazon in Eugene.
    I don’t think Jesus would sell fireworks or put up cell towers.

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