Power Back Up on UO Campus

EUGENE, Ore. — Eighteen buildings on the University of Oregon campus were powerless from 10 a.m. to midnight Monday after an electrical feeder overheated and melted on the east side of campus.

On Tuesday campus operations staff are finally able to dissect the cause and damage of the malfunction, but Monday all their attention was on restoring power to the buildings effected by the fire.

Most of those 18 buildings were parts of residence halls. About 3,000 residence hall students were without power, some even without heat and hot water, for 14 hours Monday.

The university provided some group activities and flashlights to make sure students were safe, even if they weren’t well-lit.

“One of things we did yesterday was locate 3,000 and make those available for students,” said Julie Brown, UO Spokesperson.

Students said RAs, or residence assistants, lit the stairwells and hallways with the flashlights, while they did their best to keep busy without Internet, which many students said was the worst part of the blackout.

There are still four buildings running on generators, because their main power source is still out, but no students or faculty should notice a difference.

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