Power of Florence Day of Service

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FLORENCE, Ore. — Kaylee Graham came up with the idea for a volunteer event three years ago and petitioned the city council to recognize this service day. “It feels really good to know that I have made this and it makes me really excited for what is going to come out of it,” said Graham.

Now in it’s third year, the Power of Florence raises money for the humane society, Relay for Life, and a number of other local community organizations. “It’s been a very positive event because you just, when you look around it’s like people are all happy, like usually when people are cleaning or something they’re not very happy, but today they just really are cause they’re all together and helping out,” said Graham.

But these volunteers weren’t all fundraising for local events, a group of firefighters and other volunteers held a car wash to raise money for the Granite Mountain hot shot crew in Arizona. “It’s a great feeling to know that everyone in the community wanted to pitch in and help join together to help out a community that was so far away and help other families,” said Frankie Bursaw, car wash organizer.

Aside from the parking lot full of fundraisers, other volunteers helped out in different parts of town.


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  1. Shannon Graham says:


    What a great story! Thank you for coming over and covering The Power of Florence. It was so nice to meet you. It was a great day and there were so many people working hard to make a difference.

    Thank you again!

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