Power Restored in North Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Two big power outages have happened in Eugene in the past three days, but the one Thursday morning wasn’t caused by a downed tree.

A little after 4 a.m., about 940 residents along the north end of Coburg Road lost power.

“Our biggest concern was making sure we could get the power restored before the morning commute started, because it also affected traffic signals,” said EWEB spokesperson Joe Harwood.

EWEB troubleshooters responded within 10 minutes of the outage. They found out an underground power cable had stopped working.

“At this time we don’t know why it failed. It could be an older cable that outlived its life span. We really won’t know until the troubleshooters start tracing it back,” Harwood said.

The outage only lasted a little more than two hours. By 7 a.m., crews had power restored.

“We’re lucky it occurred at four in the morning instead of eight in the morning. Sometimes you just don’t get that lucky,” Harwood said.

Crews will be out Monday afternoon to replace the old cable. That process typically takes two to three days.


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