Powerball Offers $425 Million Jackpot

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EUGENE, Ore. — What would you do with $425 million? It’s a question that someone will likely have to answer come Wednesday night.

The chances of winning the biggest Powerball ever are one in $175 million. But those odds haven’t stopped customers from making their way in to Bailey’s Cafe on Coburg Road and other lottery locations.

The last time a big win happened in Oregon was in 2005. A family in Medford won $340 million on a Powerball, so it’s possible.

Ticket holders we spoke with in town feel confident and generous about what they would do with their dream win. Many bought tickets for family members as well.

Powerball sales are evaluated at the end of each week. Last week 2.4 million tickets were sold in Oregon as the jackpot kept ticking up.

As Wednesday draws closer though, the Oregon Lottery expects lines to be out the doors and ticket sales to skyrocket.

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