Pre Classic Affects Local Economy

EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of people are heading to Eugene this weekend for the Prefontaine Classic, and this means businesses are gearing up for a busy weekend.

With this major track and field event in town, people from all over the country packed their bags and headed here to Track Town U.S.A. to watch the races, and it’s boosting revenue to businesses around town.

Friday, hotels throughout town had a constant flow of traffic checking in to the front desk. Both Valley River Inn and the Phoenix Inn and Suites, along with a number of other hotels throughout town, were completely sold out this weekend. Travel Lane County says major track and field events like the Prefontaine Classic help fill up hotels and restaurants throughout town. One local hotel says rooms for the Pre Classic weekend filled up way in advance.

“We’re extremely excited to support efforts to bring things to Track Town USA. It definitely helps our business. It helps our team. It helps our community. It helps our restaurants. It’s a winfall for all of us,” said George Rogers, Valley River Inn.

It’s estimated this race will bring $635,000 to Eugene.

Next weekend, the NCAA Track and Field National Championships will be in town, and hotels say teams traveling to Eugene for the races will be in town as early as Sunday, meaning there won’t be a break between these busy weekends, but hotels say they don’t mind the crowds.

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