Premium Fillers Feel the Pinch

EUGENE, Ore. — Gas prices continue to be on the rise, and they don’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon.

A gas station owner told KEZI Wednesday night there was a reported a 14-cent raise overnight.

GasBuddy.com is predicting a 35-cent jump across the state by Memorial Day weekend.

This means the cost of premium gas could hit the $5 mark in some spots.

It’s tough on any driver, but premium fillers are definitely feeling the pinch.

“It’s been breaking my pockets really. I honestly can’t even really…I used to fill up my car. Now it’s like I do everything I can to avoid filling my car up, and now I pretty much have to downgrade to unleaded,” said Dusty Fuller.

Customers say switching to unleaded is affecting the performance of their cars as well.

Concerns over price hikes kept gas stations busy.

Fred Meyer on Division Street said it filled 5,000 gallons in two and half hours Wednesday night.

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