Prepare for Pearl Street Closure

EUGENE, Ore. — Pearl Street between 18th and 19th avenues will close for construction starting next week.

Once construction begins, both motorists and cyclists will have to find a different way to get from 18th to 19th avenues.

It’s only a one-block stretch, but throughout the day the street has constant traffic.

“We’re having a number of calls about potholes developing,” said Damon Joyner, Surface Maintenance Supervisor.

That’s because the street has been deteriorating.

Potholes and large cracks in the surface are creating difficulty for drivers and cyclists.

So Eugene Public Works is tearing out the entire road to replace it with a new concrete street.

In order for the road replacement, anyone traveling on the street will need to find a different route.

“During the planned closure, motorists will be able to detour either to Willamette Street to the west or to Patterson, which will be to the east,” Joyner said.

Businesses at the corner of 18th and Pearl all have entrances off of 18th that will still be open during construction.

People who live on the closed block will have to park elsewhere during the closure.

During the construction, sidewalks will still be open for pedestrians.

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